Vegan Restaurant App & Website UX Design

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

I designed this landing page as part of my daily UX Design improvement exercises.

This is meant as a website and app design for a vegan restaurant. It can be used for other dining and culinary establishments with a few changes. You may view the prototype or contact for hire using the links below.

Home Page

This home page was designed with one clear intent: designing a user experience that begins the dining process the moment a visitor lands on the page.

This is achieved by using high-quality images representative of the menu and quality of the restaurant’s meals to draw attention to the fine ingredients, excellent plating, and world-class presentation diners should expect when they visit this establishment.

The result? An increased click-through rate for the ‘Book Table’ and ‘View Menu’ buttons leads to an increase in revenue for your business.

Tablet View

The design was repeated for optimized view on tablet devices. This display shows a landscape view being used on the tablet.

App & Mobile View

The design was repeated for a mobile view that works perfectly for web apps and native mobile apps.

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