My Companies

What are some of the companies Jabez Roberts owns and is affiliated with? See them all below.

Marketing, Website Development, Online Business Development

Zeilhan Systems Limited

Zeilhan Systems Limited is an online business success-focused company offering website development, marketing, and online business strategies. It was started in 2018 as CyberDream Developers but was rebranded in 2021 to better reflect its growth and identity in serving our clients.

Clothing Brand & Online Store

Expressive Teez

Expressive Teez is a privately owned clothing brand that currently operates from an eCommerce website. Its mission is to redefine personal expression while providing elevated comfort through clothing. Your clothing must align with your personal voice.

I.T Services, Cloud Technology, IoT Company

Aurora Cloud Web Services

Aurora Cloud Web Services is an online cloud technology company that provides state-of-the-art products and services in the field of I.T, Cloud Technology, and the Internet of Things.

Website Hosting Company

Lite Phoenix Technologies

Lite Phoenix Technologies is a mid-tier cloud hosting solution that offers website hosting services to its customers. Its mission is to provide a complete solution to online success for beginner to expert website owners and developers.

Personal Ministry For Jesus Christ, Non-Profit

Remnant Youths Ministry

Remnant Youths Ministry is my personal religious ministry where I share my beliefs and the teachings of the bible according to the way it’s written in the bible and interpreted by the bible. Sola Scriptura is one of my creeds.

Charity & Private Foundation

Janet Roberts Foundation

The Janet Roberts Foundation is a charity and private foundation founded by my brother and me in honor and loving memory of our late mother who died of metastatic colon cancer in September of 2019.

Our aim is to provide relief services for people in need of financial and medical support. We aim to help others who are suffering from illness, disabilities, and who have an inability to help themselves by offering support.