Coming Soon Landing Page UX Design

Saturday to Sunday April 23 - 24, 2022

I designed this landing page as part of my daily UX Design improvement exercises.

It is a complete prototype complete with a Coming Soon landing page, Email Opt-In, and About page. View the prototype using the link below or contact me for hire.

Home Page

Coming Soon landing page designed to grow your email list while your website is being developed. This is done by using a simple, big, clear, and bright red call to action that prompts website visitors to get news when the website is up and ready.

The benefit of this is that your email list will grow while your website is being developed. Upon completion, you will be able to get a high amount of warm website visitors that are easy to convert from your email list.

Email Op-In Page

Email opt-in page designed for the highest email subscriber conversion rates. This is achieved by using requiring only one field to be completed.

About Page

About page designed using Figma.

My Job Interests

UX Design Roles I'm Interested In

Below is my level of interest in working in different UX Design roles. I am open to all roles in UX Design but will give preferential consideration to the roles below.

UX Designer - Generalist
UX Project Manager
Product Designer
UX Researcher
Visual Designer & Interaction Designer

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