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Jabez Roberts: A Brief Summary

Hi there! Jabez Roberts here.

Pleased to meet you!

I would like to take a few brief moments to introduce myself to you.

If I were to describe myself in one line it would be this, “Every day I live, everywhere I go, I desire to add a bit more value to everyone I meet and make their day a bit better with a kind word or even a warm smile. If I could reach one person with this each day then I can go to bed at night with the comfort of knowing that the day was well spent.”

UX Designer For Hire

Jabez Roberts As A UX Designer

I completed the Google UX Design course in April 2022 and I’m currently working daily on improving as a UX Designer. This is done by completing daily UX Design projects to improve in one or more areas of the overall UX design process.

I am also working on several UX Design projects that will be converted into UX Design Case studies. These projects use the entire UX Design process from empathizing with users to ideating, prototyping, and testing.

I am currently interested in being hired by the right agency for a role as a UX Design Generalist, Project Manager, or Product Designer. Other roles I’m interested in as well as my UX Design resume can be found on my UX Design home page.

Business Strategist

Get an effective strategy and system to grow and scale your business to new levels of success.

Speaker & Presenter

Hire Jabez Roberts to speak at your event or be interviewed by you.


Get assistance marketing your business or product to your customer.


Hire Jabez as a consultant for your business and get access to his expertise

I love growing businesses.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who want to take your business to the next level? Set up a Consultation & Business Success Strategy Session with me and let us develop a reliable path to success for your business.

What are my non-negotiables?

My Values & Principles

Trustworthiness, honesty, accountability, integrity, and bravery mixed with the will to never give up.

Non-Negotiables For Association Or Doing Business

I Never Do Business with...

I do not do business or associate with people I can’t trust. If I can’t trust you then I’ll part ways with you the moment I lose confidence in you. 

I Never tolerate People Who..

Position, authority, or brand means nothing to me when someone abuses, mistreats, or looks down on another person. 

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Seek investment into your company. Investment can be a financial or human resource investment.

Types of Companies I Prefer To Invest In

The types of companies I prefer to invest in are SaaS, eCommerce, online businesses, or other technology-related businesses. This doesn't exclude other types of businesses.
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Setup a consultation with me to get one-on-one, personalized help with solving the problems your business is faced with.

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To set up your consultation you only need to visit the consultation request page and complete the form presented. After completing the form and making payments for your session you will be allowed to select a mutually convenient time for our meeting.
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Coaching & Mentoring

Get coaching and mentoring from me that will ensure personal ad ongoing support on your journey to success.

Why Coaching & Mentoring?

My coaching and mentoring services give you direct access to my expertise in business and personal development spheres. While I'm willing to support you on the basis of your faith no charge will be affixed to that.
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